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Transmission Specialists Wilmington Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care realizes that our customers in the greater Wilmington Delaware area rely on and need their cars, SUVs, and trucks for all types of needs. Driving to and from work each day, taking children to and from school, errands, and all else that happens in life. Unfortunately, when in need of an auto repair, often times finding an different mode of transportation is not easy, especially in Delaware. When just such an unfortunate situation happens, the experts at Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care in New Castle are ready to help. Our automotive technicians are ready to perform the most thorough of inspections and troubleshooting procedures and in doing so provide accurate problem diagnoses.

When it comes to transmissions, Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care is considered by many to be the very best transmission and general auto repair shop serving the Wilmington area. Transmissions are one of the most complex systems in a vehicle. With thousands of parts, transmission problems can be very hard to service, let alone diagnose problems. This is why we advise our customers that before they install a brand new transmission by a general auto repair shop in Wilmington DE, to allow one of our specialists inspect it first. Quite often the root of the problem with a transmission is a minor fix and quite often less costly than a new transmission.

Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care values all of our customers. From the very first moment a customer pulls a car or truck into our location in New Castle, we want to earn their trust. The goal of Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care is to offer only the services and repairs required, and not any that are not. Our mechanics understand and realize the important role vehicles play in our customers' lives and as such we are dedicated to making sure they get the most accurate, affordable, and precise diagnosis and repair possible. When considering the complicated tools and equipment to repair a vehicle, Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care only uses the best available, and we hire only well-trained and certified technicians and specialists.

My cars always seem to break down in the vicinity of their shop - and I can't blame them for doing so!
Rodney Pett
Philadelphia PA
A few years back I had my car repaired by Joe, and when my husband's transmission failed I knew just were to take it. Joe is incredibly knowledgeable and professional.
Jean O'Malley
Bear DE
Joe has always gone above and beyond what I have expected of him and I feel confident I am driving a safe vehicle around Wilmington DE.
Hockessin DE
In fact it is as quiet as the day I drove it off the lot. I will refer all my friends to your Wilmington transmission repair shop.
Joseph Schiavi
Wilmington DE
I am so grateful and blessed for the special pricing you offered me. May the good Lord continue to bless your employees, friends, family, and you.
Jim Knott
Wilmington DE
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